We Print Shirts, Workgear & More On The Gold Coast

We Print Shirts, Workgear & More On The Gold Coast

For small or large orders, we print your t-shirts, business shirts, high visibility gear and much more at our Gold Coast factory.

We keep prices down by offering both heat transfer and screen printing.  Transfers are great for when you are printing less than 20 pieces and screen printing offers low low prices on quantities of 20 or more….

Save Up To 50%!

With our fast quoting, quick turnaround and low prices – because of our wholesale purchasing power we’ll save you up to 50% over buying your shirts instore.

We’d be delighted to be of service and you’ll find us super friendly and here to help.

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Difference between Screen Printing and Digital Printing

Screen Printing is more cost efficient for larger runs as the set up is a lengthy process.

The screen is coated first, then the image is transferred on to it and cleaned.  Its then set up on the machine for printing.  If there is more than one colour, another screen is prepared.

A squeegee is then used to flood the screen with ink and wipe it away again – and hey presto you have an image on your garment!  Now that’s the first colour – if there is more than one colour in your image, the garment is then flash dried and then the process repeated with the second screen.  Then the garment is sent through a heat tunnel to cure or set it.

Screen Printing can either be done on a manual machine, which involves a person moving the squeegee back and forth as in the picture or an automatic machine which does this for you.  The print can be altered by flooding more ink or less ink onto the screen.  The print does come out solid.  Our turn around is a week once artwork etc… approved.

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Digital Printing is where the image is sent directly to a printer from a pdf or similar file.  So little set up once the artwork is approved.  The result is a quick turn around on fewer items, and lower cost for smaller runs.   The image however, may not be as good as a screen print up close.